UCMS Group has the proven experience, knowledge, local presence and professional staff to manage your payroll so that you stay relaxed

Payroll & HR Services

We live by payroll rules. Do it right, the first time, every time. All inclusive, no need for multiple providers. So you can sleep well.

UCMS Group has rock solid HR Administration services so you can increse your performance in managing your strongest resource: your employees!

F&A Shared Services

Rock solid implementation and complex Finance & Accounting services to increase your business efficiency. 

UCMS Group takes  care of all your financial accounting outsourcing services so you can focus on more important things


Providing flying bookkeeping services according to statutory and international financial reporting standards.

We provide Payroll, HR and Accounting Services

Payroll Services, HR Administration Services, Financial Accounting Services, Outsourcing Services Customers in Central and Eastern Europe

UCMS Group Facts

We provide Business Process Outsourcing services in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our customers are global corporations, as well as midsized and large domestic companies. UCMS Group's 270 employees deliver professional services to 550 entities throughout the region.

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