Alfa-Bank partners with UCMS Group to offer special discount

23 January 2014

Special discounts on UCMS Group’s outsourcing services are available within the framework of «Customer Club» partner program from Alfa-Bank.
Special discount are available exclusively to Alfa-Bank’s corporate customers who have operating accounts at the Bank. The offer is valid through more than 500 branches in Russia and abroad.
“The real winner in this partnership within the «Customer Club» will be small and medium business customers who will now have full access to our outsourcing services. Alfa-Bank’s customers are able to save time and efforts to run their business functions with full access to our outsourcing services on special conditions “, – says Alexander Galin, Head of Marketing at UCMS Group Russia. 
UCMS Group’s offering is very well suited to Bank’s small and medium business customers, both customers who have never outsourced before and those who are currently working with other outsourcing services.
For more information about available discount within the «Customer Club» from Alfa-Bank, please click the link (in Russian).
About «Customer Club» partner program
«Customer Club» is a program for Alfa-Bank’s small and medium business customers that combine the leading Russian companies from different segments and areas. By virtue of this program, Alfa-Bank’s customers can receive special discounts from program partners for purchasing of B2B goods and services to develop their businesses.
About Alpha-Bank
Alfa-Bank is the largest private bank in Russia by total assets, total equity, customer accounts and loan portfolio. As of July 1, 2013, Alfa-Bank had over 103.500 corporate customers and 9.6 million private customers.