Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll Outsourcing

When outsourcing your payroll processing, you need someone trustworthy. Payroll systems and legislation in Central and Eastern Europe still reflect the rules of the past times. To make things worse, the appetite of local legislators to change payroll, social security and personal income tax rules seems to be ever growing.

We set up your payroll rules in the payroll software and process the cycle from data entry through payroll, social security and tax calculations, pay direct transfers to statutory and management reporting. All inclusive such that you do not have to use multiple providers for your payroll processing needs.

Be Flexible

Last minute changes to a wage type or a bonus to be paid to key personnel? This is the reality in most organisations and we understand it. So we just do it, at no extra cost to you.

Perhaps your current provider failed. Or your international headquarters decided to move to outsourced processing. You are under pressure to deliver the change. We have seen it hundreds times and we delivered hundreds times. You will start using our services within 1-2 months regardless the size of your local headcount in Central and Eastern Europe.

New Markets

You decided to make an entry into CEE markets and just hired local employees out of your home country? Do you lack a local organisation to support them with payroll and HR services? We help your employees directly with the registration for social securities and taxes and subsequent statutory reporting, while making all calculations according to your requirements.

We are payroll people. We understand what it takes to deliver on time, every time and error free in an organisation where payroll is a service and support function for a business line. This is how we work for our clients.