Hochland Russland received the “Best policyholder 2013” award

10 June 2014

We congratulate Hochland Russland on achieving the “Best policyholder in 2013” award from the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation.
“Today, Hochland Russland has received the award of «Best policyholder in 2013» in the category of companies with more than 500 employees, from the Moscow region. The award was given by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation”, — says Irina Yakovleva, Head of HR and Administration at Hochland Russland. — “The main criteria for determining the winners: contribution rate, timely payment of insurance premiums to the pension system, timely submission of personal records, providing of quality reports and registration in the statutory pension insurance for all its employees.
This award is recognition of the level of professionalism and reliability of UCMS Group experts! We are pleased to work with you. Everything is always clear and in time! You are the greatest!
I would like to mention that UCMS Group is a reliable outsourcing partner who has become an important member of our team.
Hearty congratulations to you on this overall reward and thank you for your work on behalf of the top management of Hochland Russland!”.
About Hochland Russland
Hochland Russland is the first West European cheese manufacturer to establish a factory in Russia. Hochland started to do business in Russia in September 2000 with processed cheese in small boxes, expanding in 2001 to manufacture processed cheese slices at its new facility in the Moscow region. Hochland operates 11 factories in 7 European countries.