Interсomet Russia uses outsourcing to improve accounting efficiency

01 November 2013

Interсomet Russia moved to accounting outsourcing on October 16, 2012. Mikhail Lebedev, CEO, Interсomet Russia explained why he chose UCMS Group over other accounting service providers.
“UCMS Group has a reputation of a reliable business partner”, — says Mikhail Lebedev. — “Over a year ago, we were in need of an experienced accounting company that could provide the highly qualified specialists we demanded for our business. We found UCMS Group to be that company.
We are very satisfied with the services we get from UCMS Group. There is always a response to count on and their response times are short! We appreciate the quality, commitment to process management, as well as trusting relations we built.
I must to say that UCMS Group has proved to be a responsible and competent business partner in the field of accounting outsourcing. I would recommend UCMS Group to anyone who is looking for quality service!”
About Intercomet Group
Intercomet Group is a holding company with activities that include trade, designing and manufacturing bespoke machinery, and Research and Development (R&D). Intercomet Group has branches in Spain, China, Russia and Taiwan.