Ipsen entrusts payroll processing to UCMS Group Russia

25 February 2013

UCMS Group Russia is an outsourcing partner of Ipsen since 2010. UCMS Group Russia provides payroll outsourcing to help Ipsen improve payroll efficiency.
“I am very happy with the support and services provided by UCMS Group Russia”, –  says Marina Suntsova, Chief Accountant at Ipsen-Operations Russia. – “Our partnership began in 2010. And, you know, we have a very positive impression.
I like that the staff we work with have understood the specifics of Ipsen requirements and are always able to meet our needs. It is very important to see every team member demonstrate not only professional, but also personal qualities, such as helpfulness and reliability. For us, these are the key indicators of the level of the provider.
I would also like to note the professional qualifications of UCMS payroll specialists, which are very high. The team has understanding of our business specifics and is always willing to provide valuable feedback.
I had experience with payroll outsourcing in the past and I can say that you are the best. I am very pleased.”
About Ipsen
Ipsen is a French pharmaceutical company headquartered in Paris, France. It primarily develops and markets medications used in oncology, endocrinology and the treatment of neuromuscular disorders.