Payroll processes, most frequently outsourced

29 June 2012

According to a recent study, more and more companies from Central and Eastern Europe choose outsourcing over in-house processing. Romania is following the trend of the global outsourcing market which, according to the study, is expected to grow 5% in 2012.The study “Outsourcing in Central and Eastern Europe “was  conducted by Accace in Romania , Ukraine, Poland and Hungary.
The most commonly outsourced services in these countries are payroll (96%), followed by accounting (93%), tax administration (93%), financial reporting (85%), planning and financial analysis(64%) and IT (57%).
Over 65% of companies in the region point out that the main benefit of outsourcing is the cost reduction, compared to maintaining a specialized internal department. Other benefits of outsourcing include the know-how and resources of external providers(56%), flexibility(33%), simplification of processes(33%), reduction in liability and internal resources required (22%) and more efficient time management(11%).
The respondents indicated that the main disadvantage of outsourcing was limited control over the outsourced processes. 
However, almost 45% of these companies made the selection of providers based on price, another 33% based on references, experience and flexibility and only 11% indicated the trust in the potential partner as the most important selection criteria.