Russia is on TOP-25 Countries for Outsourcing

06 July 2012
Back has recently compiled a comprehensive online database of outsourcing country statistics. Each country has been scored across key statistics which fall into three broad categories of Cost Competitiveness, Resources & Skills, and Business & Economic Environment.
Russia was ranked 24th among the “Top Outsourcing Countries”, surpassing South Africa (29), Canada (31) USA (35) and Brazil (38).
Russia has emerged as a leading nation for the outsourcing of complex and advanced IT application development. Russian workforce is sophisticated and well-educated, with high competency in mathematics and science. Moreover, Russia has an advantage of competing outsourcing locations because of its geographical proximity with US & Europe and time zone similarities.
India, ranked 1st has the best cost competitiveness and resources, but it faces educational and economic challenges.
You can check out the complete outsourcing database –