Sergey Kessel: “Our business is built on the same principles as our work with customers”

08 June 2015

As part of a series of publications dedicated to the 20-th anniversary of UCMS Group’s work on the Russian market we in cooperation with the analytical Internet portal HR Maximum have released the interview of Sergey Kessel, UCMS Group’s Sales Director CIS, in which he spoke on the outsourcing market’s development trends and also told about himself and his career in UCMS Group.

“In the long run outsourcing of accounting functions will become a common business practice, a standardized auxiliary function for business. In the nearest time providers will be more actively offering complex solutions – services combined with infrastructure, i.e. on a “turnkey” basis. We discovered this niche several years ago. For example, we offer accounting outsourcing combined with document management; or preparation of expense reports in tandem with the online system of approval and compensation. In brief, the future belongs to the standards, technologies and of course to professional and efficient providers.” – said Sergey Kessel.

You can read the interview in full on HR Maximum web-page.