Shared Services Centers – an emerging sector in the Russian market

06 June 2012

UCMS Group Russia together with “Expert” magazine published an article entitled “Replacement of internal resources”. The article highlights the latest emerging outsourcing trends in Russia.
Andrey Shabanov, VP Services UCMS Group EMEA, shared his thoughts on the trends and expectations:  
 “Shared Services Centers (SSCs) are a way to consolidate and streamline the organization’s administrative functions in areas such as Accounting, Payroll or HR. These SSCs centralize transactional activities in order to reduce risks and costs of operating back-office processes.
 The number of international companies actively developing SSC’s in Eastern Europe. The sector is growing, especially in Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. I believe that the Russian outsourcing market will follow the same path. Some outsourcing providers have already established their processing centers in the Russian central region with a focus on accounting. I expect other non-core transactional processes to be performed by these centers too, including HR and Payroll. We should also see a growth in employee leasing, legal and audit services”. 
The full article can be read and downloaded on: