UCMS Group and IKEA: 10 years of successful partnership in the sphere of payroll

31 May 2013

“We are very proud of our 10 years of partnership with IKEA”, — says Andrey Shabanov, VP Service UCMS Group EMEA. — “IKEA continues to be a very important customer for us in the area of payroll services. The key success factors of our work can be defined as: commitment of the top management, teamwork and trusting partnership at all levels of our project. We are very pleased that we have met all of these criteria, and the result of our joint efforts is there for all to see”.
“We’re currently using payroll outsourcing from UCMS Group in all legal entities of IKEA Group Russia”,  —  says Elena Miklyaeva, corporate compensation & benefits expert of IKEA Group Russia. — “To move to outsourcing you need to have courage, without fearing the new business models and technologies developed in order to use them. If you have chosen this direction, you need to find ways to get through it to the end. So to this extent, a professional provider is a necessary and sufficient condition for the project success. The choice of provider should be with the expectation of a long, productive and cost-effective partnership”.
About IKEA
IKEA is a privately held, international home products company that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, such as beds and desks, appliances and home accessories. The company is the world’s largest furniture retailer. In its first year of operations in Russia, the IKEA store was visited by more than four million Russians.