UCMS Group helps the Russian outsourcing community speak the same language

17 July 2012

We are pleased to inform you that UCMS Group Russia has just launched the first Glossary ever of business process outsourcing (BPO) terms in Russia. We hope that it will help simplify communication between customers and outsourcing providers.
The Glossary is the result of a panel session between UCMS specialists and the BPO committee of the Russian National Outsourcing Association.The Committee includes all TOP players in the Russian BPO market. During discussions, Committee members shared their in-depth views on the proposed outsourcing terms and provided a clear definition for each term.  
Most Glossary entries were selected based on a mix of Russian legal documents, corporate vocabularies of the Committee members and foreign outsourcing resources.
The complete Glossary of BPO terms is available for your review at: