UCMS Group Hungary improves ranking in TOP-2 accounting providers

22 February 2013

A special edition of the BBJ (Budapest Business Journal) published the updated ranking list of Accounting Companies based on net revenues from accounting in the entire year of 2012. The previous edition of the Book of Lists released by the BBJ in November was based on figures from the second half of 2011 and the first half of 2012. According to the updated list, UCMS Group Hungary improved its rank in the TOP-2 providers.
 Balázs Z. Nagy, Business Development Manager at UCMS Group Hungary, discussed in the BBJ how accounting companies need to adapt to changes in the Hungarian BPO industry in 2013: “Customers are not simply looking for an accounting service, but also for a complex system, which provides on-going information and supports their decisions. Properly performed basic bookkeeping is not enough; a successful provider, intending to grow, has to be innovative in several different areas, such as software environment, communication or process development.”
Furthermore, an accounting company should always keep up to date technically with changes in legislation. According to Andrea Bodnár, Head of Compliance at UCMS Group Hungary, the most important task for UCMS was to upgrade the accounting software in order to generate VAT analytics and sub-ledgers. Concerning the latest tax changes, the software was updated for the new VAT rules of “cash accounting”.
For further information, we invite you to read the article and check the list.