UCMS Group launches new website on international payroll

14 June 2013

UCMS Group brings into focus pains and solutions of managing multi-country payroll and HR administration on a new website: Our aim is to look at challenges related to international payroll through customers’ eyes in a professional, yet friendly way, and the new site reflects these objectives.
“We trust the dedicated website to bring us closer to companies interested in a single provider of payroll services across many markets.  The website, built on the feedback from both customers and non-customers, is a platform for gaining insights on the topic of centralizing and standardizing payroll, HR administration and related tax compliance processes across Europe. If you will, it is an outside perspective from our customers that we bring into our modus operandi. We hope visitors will equally appreciate the crisp and friendly design of our new website.” – said Piotr Macieja, VP Sales & Marketing UCMS Group.
UCMS Group provides payroll outsourcing, HR administration and tax compliance services to multinational companies in search of a local provider, as well as to companies looking to centralize these processes with a single partner across multiple markets in Europe.