UCMS Group provides outsourcing services to the Russian division of Xenics

25 May 2015

Starting from April 2014 UCMS Group provides HR, accounting and payroll outsourcing services to the Russian division of Xenics company.
A.Kondrashina, Director General of Xenics LLC commented on the cooperation with UCMS Group: “The decision to outsource the company’s accounting functions had been taken even before it was registered in Russia. We had conducted a primary selection of potential providers using RA Expert’s industry ranking. We had searched for a reputable provider that was able to competently build accounting functions of our company “from scratch”. Following further negotiations with the contenders UCMS Group was chosen as our provider.”

“We believe our cooperation with UCMS Group to be successful and plan to continue it” – said A.Kondrashina.

About Xenics company

Xenics is a leading European provider of infrared imagers, cores and cameras best-in-class image quality to support innovative R&D, industrial automation, machine vision, process control and high-end security applications.
Drawing on advanced production facilities and in-house know-how of system and software development, Xenics delivers state-of-the-art imaging solutions and optimized custom design to the markets of Russia, China, CIS countries, North and Latin America, Asian-Pacific and Middle East regions.