UCMS Group Russia helps RusVinil increase corporate efficiency

17 January 2012

UCMS Group Russia announced today a successful implementation of Payroll Outsourcing, HR and Performance Appraisal Software Solutions for RusVinil. 
“The decision to move our payroll function to UCMS Group Russia was absolutely right for our business,” – says Dmitry Shein, Head of the Department of Labor Regulation and Organizational Development, RusVinyl. – “The solution allows us to maintain and process HR records together with our partner in a single information space. It saves our time which otherwise we would have spent on the preparation and transferring of the data. In such way we minimize the risks of errors associated with data double entry. The solution offers a strong HR Administration functionality including employee performance appraisal module. The fact is that performance appraisal module has been significantly transformed in a way of our non-standard requirements.”
“To my mind the partners should set up trustful and constructive relationship for the effective cooperation,” – adds Dmitry Shein. –  “Our partnership with UCMS Group Russia is very positive and personal.  Despite more than double growth of the number of employees in 2011, our operating expenses associated with the HR and Payroll function remained constant.”
About RusVinyl
«RusVinyl» LLC is a Russian-Belgian joint venture created for the construction of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Integrated Plant near Kstovo in the Nizhniy Novgorod region.
The founders of the joint venture company are «SIBUR», a first-rate petrochemical holding company in Russia, and the Belgian company «SolVin», a leading PVC manufacturer in Europe.