UCMS Group Russia ranked 2nd largest HR Outsourcing provider in Russia

24 May 2012

“Expert RA”, Russia’s leading independent rating agency, published the survey of BPO market for FY 2011.  UCMS Group Russia was ranked 2nd and 4th among the largest HR and Payroll outsourcing companies in Russia, respectively.
“Expert RA” estimated the growth rate of the outsourcing market in Russia to be 17%. Consolidated revenues of all companies surveyed amounted to 5 billion rubles in 2011 compared to 3.8 billion rubles in 2010.
“We see the organic growth along with improvements in the Russian economy. While market is growing, we notice growing interest in the outsourcing services”, — said Andrey Shabanov VP Services UCMS Group EMEA.  — “The good news is that now Russian companies look at the outsourcing more seriously. It is considered as a way to reduce risks such as incorrectly calculated taxes or unauthorized access to confidential information. Starting with payroll outsourcing, customers are interested in the outsourcing of Accounting, HR Administration, Legal Services and HR software.”
“This volume and revenue growth for BPO providers has been achieved from sales to both new and repeat customers”, — said Vartan Hanferyan, Senior Analyst at “Expert RA”. — “Economic environment allows customers to not only renew but also gradually increasethe investment in development and improvement of business. As a result, in addition to buying of the consulting and IT services we see that customers are interested in the non-core processing. At the same time providers are paying more attention to the quality and level of the services since customers become more demanding in the Russian BPO sector”. 
The full survey “Rating of Russian BPO Companies, 2011” can be downloaded on: