What do you need to know about SSC?

30 May 2014

UCMS Group Russia, together with, published an article entitled “What do you need to know about SSC?”. The article describes the key milestones in the SSC (Shared Service Centers) industry globally.
SSC began to appear in Europe and the U.S. a couple of decades ago. SSC started as a way to consolidate and optimize the organization’s administrative functions in areas such as Accounting, Payroll or HR.
Today, the SSC segment is growing at a fast pace. According to Executive Survey of Towers Watson (in a survey carried out among 630 respondents), 40% of companies planning changes in their back-office processes are going to move to SSC, 30% are going to bring additional back-office processes to existing SSC and 26% are planning to transfer part of their back-office functions to an outsourcing provider. An important point is that all respondents who are already using SSC are not planning to abandon this model in the future.
The full article can be read on this link.