Why HR and Payroll Outsourcing today in Russia is More Relevant than Ever?

13 December 2011

The tax reform will increase the demand for HR Administration and Payroll Outsourcing among the Russian companies.
UCMS Group Russia together with «PRO-personal» Portal published an article entitled “Business in the Light of Tax Reform: Why Outsourcing is More Profitable to Illegal Schemes?”
The tax reform in Russia had a negative impact on all Russian employers. While fixing some gaps in the Pension Fund, it will result in increased employment costs for businesses who now need to seek ways to cut cost and optimize budgets for 2012. 
In this way outsourcing of HR and Payroll processes is becoming one of the best solutions to minimize the additional risks of the tax reform. The HR and Payroll outsourcing seems especially advisable in light of future plans of the Ministry of Finance to reform the taxation system.
To learn why outsourcing can be used as a great tool for optimization and risk reduction during the tax reform you can read on –